Hand Picked

Praia seed sourced from hatcheries is grown with great care and attention within Algarve, to produce a well-shaped, plump oyster. All oysters are sorted by size and grouped this way in their growing bags. As the oysters grow and mature, they are hand-turned by the farmer to make sure any brittle, unattractive edges are removed and the oyster grows according to the classic tear-drop shape, with a deep, meat-filled shell. At just the right time, the oysters are moved to larger bags and thinned out, to prevent over-crowding.

"Taste the wonderful Atlantic freshness at your table"

As the oysters sit above the seabed, they enjoy the ideal environment – while the tide coming in twice daily brings in the goodness and nutritious food supply of the Atlantic Ocean’s phytoplankton. The Praia Oysters are finished in the rich estuarine water of our own oyster bed, where they fatten and develop their own unique flavour. Only when each oyster displays its perfect, required quality characteristic, do we harvest the crop.

Consistency and Quality

Our state-of-the-art grading machines ensure oysters are sorted meticulously into their four size/weight classes. This guarantees you will always receive oysters of the specific size you and your customers want.

Packed-In Freshness

We pack all of our oysters in our special wooden baskets – as practical as they are pleasing. Each oyster is packed with the deep shell down to retain its wonderful juice, and each basket is packed with fresh seaweed to seal in freshness and flavour.


We monitor the entire export procedure from production, capture, depuration (if the case) and transport no matter where you are.